Garden Benches and Bed Frame Benches

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Benches, Gardens and Spring!

So now that the spring weather is trying to make an appearance with the beautiful sunshine today I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the latest projects we have on the go!

As we plan for the spring and summer months and very soon we will be able to get into the gardens and enjoy exploring the creative energy that we have in setting up a place of enjoyment at our homes or cottages there is some enjoyment in adding pieces of furniture to that mix!

So here at the store we have lots of materials that we like to re purpose.  So we do what many folks do we go on Pinterest and we have a look or we check out Google Images and do some searches to get some ideas! Wow that can be overwhelming! 🙂 It is easy to get lost in these sites and all of the pictures with so many great ideas to choose from!

For the purpose of this blog though we chose to stay focused on a specific topic.

We have quite a few really good Head Board and Foot Boards for beds in stock. So we took a look online and came up with several thoughts and ideas.

Simple benches for the garden, deacons benches with storage, a solid bench with enough clearance to put baskets underneath for storage. Then we shared it with a few of our volunteers that like to work with wood and do some of this re purposing. Low and behold we came up with some beautiful projects currently on the go!

This definitely, like most things here, is a group effort. We have the visionaries who come up with the ideas, the craftsman/women who make the item and then the creatives here that do the final touches like the painting and the displays! Along the way the input of many creates a beautiful finished product with lots of love added to the project from the passionate group of volunteers and staff that enjoy the challenge of creating something from materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill!

These are wonderful times of seeing the encouragement of the volunteers and the staff as they create a wonderful collection of unique pieces that you would never be able to find elsewhere! 🙂

So the pictures above are ideas that we found, the pictures below are projects in process as we speak! We are excited to see the final results and look forward to helping you find possibly just what you were looking for!

For now we have created a few benches, as we listen to the customers wonderful comments of the creativity and workmanship that happens here we are also hearing about requests for Deacon’s Benches! So who knows what may happen next!!

We welcome your input on color choice and ideas and look forward to seeing you visit the store to be inspired by all of the incredible talent that we are blessed with in this community we call “New Again Construction Essentials Store!

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