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We love to take “Before” and “After” Pics of some of the projects that are done either by volunteers on site here or off site.

Our store exists and functions on the reality that almost all of the proceeds created here are primarily from donations from our local community. This is incredible when you take a minute to think about it. There was a time when probably most of the treasures you see at our store may have ended up in the garbage dump and now we have the opportunity to re create new from used!

Below we have some pictures of a beautiful cedar lined chest that was donated to our store. Traditionally these chests are considered an item of beauty when stained and clear coated. It had been a well used unit that had seem some wear and tear. It was a project that was going to require some time and effort to bring it back to its original state. (most likely a lot of sanding!)

We have a few folks within this community  who have some amazing vision!

So what you are seeing below is the “before and after.”

This unit was painted with a white chalk paint, distressed and a more appropriate set of handles for the bottom small drawer and look at the results. We were so inspired by this that we looked into the concept of the Chalk paint further and decided that this was one line of product that we could sell here that would totally compliment the concept of making something old new again!

Really and truly, the pictures only show a limited view of how nice this turned out. It was pretty amazing to see how impressive it was considering how it looked before it was painted.

There are many stories like this that we will feature off and on. We have done smaller projects and bigger projects like this since this was done. We also have many customers that are willing to share with us some of the great stories of their “treasure hunt” here at New Again. 

A great place to check out some of our ongoing projects is our Facebook Page that we call “Inspiration Station at New Again”

If you are in the Beamsville and surrounding area be sure to stop by. Quite possibly there may just be a piece that will work perfect for you, either one that you can do as a project or one painted by our awesome volunteers!

As always, a shout out to the many volunteers that make this place continue to keep functioning from one day to the next! You are all so appreciated more than you can know.

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