Time flies!

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Isn’t that a truth. The statement goes something like this I believe ” The older I get the faster time goes”

So in that context lets talk about time!

There is no time like the present to do that visit that you have had on your “Round Tuit”  We had this plaque donated so it landed in my office! Worthy of a read for sure!

We have a well established business happening here and for those that have been visiting our store on a regular basis they are seeing all the great things that are happening here! For those that have not been here yet and have it on your list of things to do, the sooner the better!

One of our regular customers made a statement once “Miss a day Miss a deal!” and that is very true!  There is often times like that where one day a person will come in see something and than go home to either measure or see if the item will work only to come back the next day to find it sold!

So keeping with the theme of time. It feels like  yesterday that we entered this year 2018 and here we are almost 1/4 of the way through the year already!

Looking forward to what spring will bring, now is the time to think about what project you may want to do!

Maybe you were thinking about a summer project, a great time to tackle something major.

Every day there is things being donated and things being sold! Everyday is a new day here at the store where we get to feature all sorts of fun things.

Some of our selection includes everything from nails to the wood to the piece of furniture to tile to lights to lamps to everything in between!

Interior Doors, exterior doors, sliding doors, hinges, door handles, and often times all the little parts that you need to complete an installation!

Shelving, storage units, cabinetry for a kitchen or a He-cave or She-cave!

Pictures always tell a great story so here are a few pictures for you so see a small taste of the great things available!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Manager of  (the NACE Store) – New Again Store
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Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday Closed

We provide  gently used building supplies, kitchens, décor, appliances and much more for a fraction of the retail price.

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