Spring is on its way!

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Spring is on its way!

As we work away at staying organized in the store and patiently wait for the warmer weather to come we continue to organize and create displays that are inviting and show all of the great treasures that we have available to sell.

Given that almost everything that is in our store is donations it is always an ever changing inventory. One week we may have lots of tools for sale and another week we may have lots of furniture available and then another week we may have lots of doors or cabinets available. We never know from one day to the next what surprises we will be sorting through.

Lately we have been getting a really good variety of donations giving us a really nice inventory of Kitchen Cabinets, Cabinet doors, Head boards, tools and some very interesting furniture and mirrors.

Some of our volunteers have been busy creating some fun Spring creations!

We have Bird Houses, Two Story Birdhouses, Beautiful Mirrors made with aged wood frames, Wooden Crates, Wooden Brackets, and many more very fun things.

As we receive donations of furniture we review the shape and the quality of what is there. When we come across wooden tables, chairs, coffee tables, dressers and the like on many occasions there are some scratches or some wear and tear on these. We then access if we want to do some repair or even paint some of these items with furniture chalk paint.

Our organization has been blessed with some incredibly creative people who can see the potential of many an item that comes in.  Pictures are always better than words in these cases and it is such a reward when something that has had some personal time investment of one of our volunteers or staff sells and the customers are excited about.

Rewarding on many levels. For the volunteer who accesses and decides what improvements need to be made and does them. The volunteer that sells the product as well as the very satisfied customer that purchases the great find of a treasure.

Lots of great reasons to stop by and have a look!

So if you are in  the area we can promise you that you will see lots of great things and meet some really great staff and volunteers. See you soon!

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