Silent Auctions

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Silent Auctions are always fun!

So many folks love a good bidding war! 🙂

So we have a “SILENT AUCTION”

In case you did not know we do our best to have a Monthly Silent Auction on the go!

We have a display with numbered items, usually between 12 and 20 items of things that have been donated that are  unique or antique or popular! (At least we think may be popular!:-))  We set them up around the corner from where our cash counter is and there is a book on the display where you can place your bid!

We have had some really fun things from antique lamps to new tools, from small to large items, We have had beautiful prints, and handmade blankets, we have had antique tools to a beautiful piece of furniture. A home popcorn maker to a model air plane and as you can guess the list goes on!

So typically our auction runs for about 3 weeks.  We always end it on a Wednesday at 3:00 pm!  This allows for time for the winners to pick up their item before the weekend or on the weekend. (Once the auction has closed on the chosen Wednesday we appreciate it that the winners get her as soon as they possibly can to pick up their items.)

So for this month let me share with you some of the fun things that you will find in our Silent Auction for July of 2018~ closing day on this auction is July 25th, 2018 at 3:00 PM. Have a look at the pictures on this blog this is a selection that we currently have on for auction!

If any of these items interest you be sure to get in soon and get your bid in! Once the bidding starts there is no telling how the bidding will go! 🙂


We have lots of great things happening here at the store! Great deals to be had on many an item that is very useful to you or someone you know!

Be sure to stop in often not only to keep an eye on your bid but also to see the new arrivals of things that come in on a daily basis!

We are always so grateful to our staff and volunteers who continue to keep this “exciting adventure” from day to day. Without the many hours of the volunteers this store, or shall I say this “place of treasures”would not be what it is today! So much appreciation to those that grace us with their time and energy. We are also so very grateful for the continued support of our local community as well as those that travel to come and see us!

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 🙂

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