Painted with Nantucket Navy and Parisian Charm Bluestone House Chalk paint.

Spring Plans

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Looking forward to Spring!

So we are in the month of January and a perfect time to start thinking about the spring projects that you would like to tackle. At the time of this writing we have experienced a deep freeze and now in a thaw and heading into another deep freeze!

Experiencing a warm day in between the cold ones give thought to what projects we can do in the year to come!

Some may want to tackle an outdoor project like a garden or installing a pool! Maybe even an outdoor kitchen with some brick construction! (we have 1000’s of bricks available)  Others may want to do that indoor project maybe a kitchen or a bathroom. Still others may want to work on the He-cave or She-cave that they have been dreaming about for some time.

Spring is always a great time to get the project on the go! Now is the time to start looking for the list of things needed for the job! A little planning can save tons of money on a project especially if you are able to shop at a store like ours! Regular check ins will give you the opportunity to find much of what you may need at highly reduced pricing!


Painted with Nantucket Navy and Parisian Charm Bluestone House Chalk paint.
Now to one of our Awesome stories as promised in our last blog post.

We have a Before picture, Part way through picture, and After picture.

This project started out in the wood stain it was in decent condition, pretty scratched up on the top but other than that in relatively good condition.

Is that Paint you ask? 🙂  Yes actually it is!

We carry a line of Furniture Chalk Paint in the store by the name of Bluestone House.


This simple project was done in very little time. The paint covers well and drys quickly and is toxin free. (so you could do this in your house) This turned out so well! The final result was beautiful! Simple things that can be done to completely change the look of something and fit it with the desired results. This customer was thrilled with the results!

If you are near Beamsville or cruising through the Niagara region be sure and drop by the store and have a look. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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