Happy New Year!

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Hello 2018!

So as the  new year begins it brings on lots of great things.

A new year of plans and projects ready to be started and hopefully completed!

As we move along with our blog posts it is always great to have some feedback so if you have an idea or a subject that you would like us to share please feel free to let us know.

Over the few years that we have been here we have seen so many great things happen and the intention is to share some of the great stories that we have been privileged to be a part of.

New Again is a place where the creative minds definitely meet.

We have many conversations discussing ways of using some of the donated items. We have some very crafty folks that are amazing with wood. Out of the remnant pieces from a door and cabinet company we create things such as wooden crates, wooden brackets, wooden bird houses, wooden bat houses, penny hockey and much more!

With a little paint and creativeness with colors, cabinet doors and cabinet hardware, we have created signs, chalkboards, and coat racks, and jewelry racks. Sometimes we get a piece of furniture  and with our Bluestone House Chalk paint line we paint it and make it new! It is really  neat to see the before and after pics of some of the projects that are completed here in the store.

Painted with Iron Wood and French Country Bluestone House Chalk Paint

When you need a light fixture we most likely will have something, looking for a bathroom sink or mirror, we have lots of variety to choose from.

Need a few cabinets for your workshop, stop by and see the selection in our “Furniture” Barn.

Need a window for your shop we most likely have that as well. Want to build an outdoor fire pit? We have oodles of bricks out there. In fact if you are building a house we have enough brick here to build a few houses.

We are looking forward to what 2018 will bring! We especially look forward to sharing with you some great stories and information of the great things that are happening here at New Again!

Be sure to drop by and see us as soon as you can! You are going to love it!

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