Summer Time Vacations!

So it has been a while since there has been a blog post! Yes we take vacations here every now and then as well! 🙂

As the summer has been quickly slipping by everyone here volunteers, board members and staff have all maneuvered their schedules to give room for the opportunity to have some vacation time. I am pretty sure I can confidently say that every person here definitely deserved to have some time away to refresh and rejuvenate!

The community that has formed here as a result of this amazing group effort lends itself to being a caring group in which we all consider each other an important part of our week. Almost an extended family so to speak. There is an incredible sense of belonging that happens when we join a group and take part in giving back to community. Part of the fruit of that labor is the care and concern for one another that happens. I for one have gained some incredible friendships not only with the awesome volunteers and staff that faithfully keep this project running from day to day but also through the connection of the locals and the customers that frequent our store.

Over the 3 and a half years that we have been here now, yes that time flew by!, it has been great to get to know many local folks and fellow business owners here in the Beamsville and surrounding area. We often do not realize the impact that an organization like this can have on the local and extended community. We have been blessed to hear some amazing stories from our customers who have enjoyed shopping at our store, donating to our store, enjoyed the conversations and getting to know the staff and volunteers at our store, and over all just enjoyed the energy and the helpful service that our staff and volunteers provide!

We have a continual turn over of items that come and go in our store and we are always grateful when folks come to us to share their excess things. We have become the “Hub” of Beamsville! When you are looking for something have a look at the New Again Store, you may find exactly what you are looking for!

If you have not been to the New Again Store than you will be in for a treat! We have made some changes to the floor plan of the store and we think it is more organized! You will like what you see. We are also showcasing some of the incredible talent of the folks that make beautiful things from materials that have been donated.

It is always worth dropping by and having a look! You may find something that you were looking for or you may find something that you did not realize you needed until you saw it!

As always be sure to share with all of your friends and families where we are! There are still many who have never graced us with their presence and we will do our best to welcome any new comers to our store!

We are always looking for volunteers with almost any talent as this store lends itself to many different trades and skill sets. If you are looking to be of service in your local community than stop by! We would love to meet you and would appreciate any time you would be willing to share!

Have a few hours and want something to do?

Some of our current wish list of needs:

  • We do Pick ups and we need a few able bodies to move some items from peoples homes to our store.
  • We would love to train a few more people on our cash.
  • We also would love to have a few people who like to sort through scrap materials and maybe even do a scrap run for us from time to time.
  • We always have a painting or re-purpose furniture project of some sort going on so if you like to paint or be creative we have a place for you as well!


So be sure and share this blog post with whomever you think may be interested!  If you are in the Beamsville area please drop by and say Hi! We would love to see you. If you have a few things that you think you do not need anymore give us a call or drop by, we will gladly take your donations.

Until next time!

See you soon!

Manager of  (the NACE Store) – New Again Store

New Again Construction Essentials, 5108 King St. Beamsville On., Phone: 289-566-8463

New Again Store Facebook Page 

Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday Closed

We provide  gently used building supplies, kitchens, décor, appliances and much more for a fraction of the retail price.

Summer is definitely here!

At the time of this writing we are in a heat warning with temperatures feeling like over 40 degrees Celsius. Yes this is a hot week!

I would guess that now that the kids are off for summer break the beaches would be the go to place on days like this or even the local municipal public pool or a neighbor that may have a pool they are willing to share. Either way, an opportunity to stay cool and enjoy family and friends is what summer is all about and I hope that many of you get the opportunity to do so this summer!

So what do we do at the store on days like this you ask? We do our best to stay indoors and if we have to be outside be careful to stay hydrated and listen to each other when we need to stop and take a break!

It is also a great time to plan for the days ahead when the heat dissipates and the cooler working temperatures come in the next few days.

Campfires! Yeah!! 🙂

So it is summer time! Time for camping away from home but also lots of great backyard parties and campfires. This makes for  a great time to think about making that fire pit. Have you ever thought about what you would like that to look like? How about using some brick for this. We currently have a great stock of 3 different colors of bricks to make a great fire pit or even an out door kitchen for that matter 🙂

So while you are thinking about that fun time in the sun either at the camp site or at the cottage or your back yard, did you know that we have some great Hand Made, by our Amazing Volunteers, Games! We have Penny Hockey, Krocinole Hockey, and a few others. These are perfect games for the summer time fun! Some have told us how they have tournaments with these games with family and friends! We always love to hear the great stories of enjoyment especially from the items that we create onsite here at New Again!

Thinking along the lines of campfires now,

Did you know that we have available boxes with kindling wood and fire wood!

You are definitely going to love the prices! As well you will love the wood! Perfect for

the campfire!

Summer is such an awesome time to do the outdoor projects that you have been dreaming about. Be sure to drop by and see what we have in store for you. Everyday we continue to welcome new customers to our store and for that we are grateful. We are excited to be a part of this great community in Niagara as we grow into what is referred to as the “go to” place first! You may just find what you are looking for!

So as we look forward to helping you out with your summer project if that be a big project or a smaller project such as a campfire  be sure to drop by and see if we can be of help to you.

One of our favorite customers once said to us “Miss a day, Miss a deal” 

This is definitely a true statement on many occasions and it is always worth dropping by. You may just find exactly what your looking for or you may get some great ideas from the amazing staff and volunteers that grace us with their much appreciated help every day!

So until next time! Enjoy the summer! Stay cool on the Hot days and enjoy the beautiful days!

We shall see you soon!

Manager of  (the NACE Store) – New Again Store

New Again Construction Essentials, 5108 King St. Beamsville On., Phone: 289-566-8463

New Again Store Facebook Page 

Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday Closed

We provide  gently used building supplies, kitchens, décor, appliances and much more for a fraction of the retail price.