We love to take “Before” and “After” Pics of some of the projects that are done either by volunteers on site here or off site.

Our store exists and functions on the reality that almost all of the proceeds created here are primarily from donations from our local community. This is incredible when you take a minute to think about it. There was a time when probably most of the treasures you see at our store may have ended up in the garbage dump and now we have the opportunity to re create new from used!

Below we have some pictures of a beautiful cedar lined chest that was donated to our store. Traditionally these chests are considered an item of beauty when stained and clear coated. It had been a well used unit that had seem some wear and tear. It was a project that was going to require some time and effort to bring it back to its original state. (most likely a lot of sanding!)

We have a few folks within this community  who have some amazing vision!

So what you are seeing below is the “before and after.”

This unit was painted with a white chalk paint, distressed and a more appropriate set of handles for the bottom small drawer and look at the results. We were so inspired by this that we looked into the concept of the Chalk paint further and decided that this was one line of product that we could sell here that would totally compliment the concept of making something old new again!

Really and truly, the pictures only show a limited view of how nice this turned out. It was pretty amazing to see how impressive it was considering how it looked before it was painted.

There are many stories like this that we will feature off and on. We have done smaller projects and bigger projects like this since this was done. We also have many customers that are willing to share with us some of the great stories of their “treasure hunt” here at New Again. 

A great place to check out some of our ongoing projects is our Facebook Page that we call “Inspiration Station at New Again”

If you are in the Beamsville and surrounding area be sure to stop by. Quite possibly there may just be a piece that will work perfect for you, either one that you can do as a project or one painted by our awesome volunteers!

As always, a shout out to the many volunteers that make this place continue to keep functioning from one day to the next! You are all so appreciated more than you can know.

Manager of  (the NACE Store) – New Again Store

New Again Construction Essentials, 5108 King St. Beamsville On., Phone: 289-566-8463

New Again Store Facebook Page 

Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday Closed

We provide  gently used building supplies, kitchens, décor, appliances and much more for a fraction of the retail price.

We have some incredibly talented and creative volunteers!

Our store has an inventory of more than 2 buildings worth of materials almost all of it being donated. This in itself is incredible to be sure.  One of the really exciting parts of being here is to see the creativity of the volunteers that dedicate their valuable time to our organization.

In this post I want to feature some of the incredible talent and creativity that our volunteers have. Not only are we a store that provides cost effective alternatives to renovation projects that you may be working on but we also feature some amazing creations made by some of the volunteers.

As spring is approaching and summer camping and family gatherings are being planned the thought of games comes to mind! Give our Handmade Penny Hockey a try!

We also make another board game called “Crokinole Hockey” This game is also great for the family gatherings or games nights.

The other creation that we have being made by our dedicated volunteers is Bird Houses. We feature some of these painted and some unpainted.  As we receive donations we have plenty of talent around here that is always creating  new things being made with the materials that are here.

We have custom made mirrors, made with weathered boards, we have hand made shelf brackets and we have all sorts of wooden boxes of different sizes and shapes. Some boxes are painted and some ready to be painted.

We have lots of conversations in our Volunteer coffee room at breaks about some of the things that we can make that will sell.  We have an incredibly dedicated group of people that love to use their skills, and talents to help others in any way they can and we are so privileged to be the recipients and the place where their talents can be enjoyed by a large supportive community that enjoys the fact that we are making great use of donations of all sorts.

What we have discovered in our almost 3 years here in this community is that most people would rather see some of the items that they do not need be put to use by someone else rather than have to bring all of it to the dump. We have become the place where so many things that come through here are either sold or re created into something new with the combination if things we have available to create with.

So if you have not been in the store for a while it is well worth the trip.

There is always something here that will peak your interest or be useful in one way or another for the list of ongoing projects that many folks have going!

Some folks drop by for inspiration, some drop by to see what is new, others drop by to enjoy the wisdom of our many volunteers and staff that are so helpful, many folks make our store one of their regular stops as the inventory here is constantly changing based on donations! That is the fun part! We never know what sorts of items will fill our store from one week to the next!  The next time you are near the Beamsville area be sure to drop by!

Oh and before I end this post, we are incredibly blessed to have the pleasure of working with the many volunteers that are here.

There are no words that can truly share the appreciation that is experienced by those that know for all of the precious time and efforts that you share with us here at the store.  Your impact on the community here, and this organization is not something that can be replaced.  Your presence among the team here is so important to all that are here and to the community that we work in. Thank you seems like such a small set of words but in the language that we speak it is the words we need to use so with our deepest appreciation “Thank You” for all that you do.

So with that said we look forward to seeing many folks drop by and see us and our team here and all the fun things that we have for sale.

Manager of  (the NACE Store) – New Again Store

New Again Construction Essentials, 5108 King St. Beamsville On., Phone: 289-566-8463

New Again Store Facebook Page 

Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday Closed

We provide  gently used building supplies, kitchens, décor, appliances and much more for a fraction of the retail price.





Looking forward to Spring!

So we are in the month of January and a perfect time to start thinking about the spring projects that you would like to tackle. At the time of this writing we have experienced a deep freeze and now in a thaw and heading into another deep freeze!

Experiencing a warm day in between the cold ones give thought to what projects we can do in the year to come!

Some may want to tackle an outdoor project like a garden or installing a pool! Maybe even an outdoor kitchen with some brick construction! (we have 1000’s of bricks available)  Others may want to do that indoor project maybe a kitchen or a bathroom. Still others may want to work on the He-cave or She-cave that they have been dreaming about for some time.

Spring is always a great time to get the project on the go! Now is the time to start looking for the list of things needed for the job! A little planning can save tons of money on a project especially if you are able to shop at a store like ours! Regular check ins will give you the opportunity to find much of what you may need at highly reduced pricing!


Painted with Nantucket Navy and Parisian Charm Bluestone House Chalk paint.
Now to one of our Awesome stories as promised in our last blog post.

We have a Before picture, Part way through picture, and After picture.

This project started out in the wood stain it was in decent condition, pretty scratched up on the top but other than that in relatively good condition.

Is that Paint you ask? 🙂  Yes actually it is!

We carry a line of Furniture Chalk Paint in the store by the name of Bluestone House.


This simple project was done in very little time. The paint covers well and drys quickly and is toxin free. (so you could do this in your house) This turned out so well! The final result was beautiful! Simple things that can be done to completely change the look of something and fit it with the desired results. This customer was thrilled with the results!

If you are near Beamsville or cruising through the Niagara region be sure and drop by the store and have a look. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Manager of  (the NACE Store) – New Again Store

New Again Construction Essentials, 5108 King St. Beamsville On., Phone: 289-566-8463

New Again Store Facebook Page 

Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday Closed

We provide  gently used building supplies, kitchens, décor, appliances and much more for a fraction of the retail price.






Hello 2018!

So as the  new year begins it brings on lots of great things.

A new year of plans and projects ready to be started and hopefully completed!

As we move along with our blog posts it is always great to have some feedback so if you have an idea or a subject that you would like us to share please feel free to let us know.

Over the few years that we have been here we have seen so many great things happen and the intention is to share some of the great stories that we have been privileged to be a part of.

New Again is a place where the creative minds definitely meet.

We have many conversations discussing ways of using some of the donated items. We have some very crafty folks that are amazing with wood. Out of the remnant pieces from a door and cabinet company we create things such as wooden crates, wooden brackets, wooden bird houses, wooden bat houses, penny hockey and much more!

With a little paint and creativeness with colors, cabinet doors and cabinet hardware, we have created signs, chalkboards, and coat racks, and jewelry racks. Sometimes we get a piece of furniture  and with our Bluestone House Chalk paint line we paint it and make it new! It is really  neat to see the before and after pics of some of the projects that are completed here in the store.

Painted with Iron Wood and French Country Bluestone House Chalk Paint

When you need a light fixture we most likely will have something, looking for a bathroom sink or mirror, we have lots of variety to choose from.

Need a few cabinets for your workshop, stop by and see the selection in our “Furniture” Barn.

Need a window for your shop we most likely have that as well. Want to build an outdoor fire pit? We have oodles of bricks out there. In fact if you are building a house we have enough brick here to build a few houses.

We are looking forward to what 2018 will bring! We especially look forward to sharing with you some great stories and information of the great things that are happening here at New Again!

Be sure to drop by and see us as soon as you can! You are going to love it!

Manager of  (the NACE Store) – New Again Store

New Again Construction Essentials, 5108 King St. Beamsville On., Phone: 289-566-8463

New Again Store Facebook Page 

Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday Closed



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

So to start this off, here is our Christmas Hours! 

We will be CLOSED from Saturday Dec 23, 2017 to Monday Jan 1, 2018

We will REOPEN  regular business hours Tuesday Jan 2, 2018

Our dedicated staff and volunteers are taking a much needed break to take some time to enjoy family and friends during this holiday season! Thank you one and all for the terrific job being done day in and day out at our store! 

Since this is the first Christmas message online reflecting on the last 3 years that we have been here will be more words than what can be written for this blog!

So a few points of interest hopefully cover a few notable things!

Since taking the property over in Oct of 2014 this place has seen an incredible amount of work done by many hands along the way. In the beginning days we wondered how we would fill the store and now over 3 years later we have 2 buildings plus filled with treasures to sell.

This past year has been a year of much work and continued dedication to the store. There are not enough words that can express the gratitude for all the work that continues to happen each and every day by our volunteers and staff.

Knowing each one of the folks that plays a part in working with this organization gives me an inside scoop as to the reality of the amount of work that does get done daily, weekly, monthly and so on.

Read More

Welcome to our store!

We are a group of dedicated Volunteers and Staff who work diligently to create a place of wonder to all those that like to discover some practical and fun things to do! If you are working on a Do-it-Yourself project or if you are renovating your home or even if you have some craft projects in mind this is the place you want to visit.

This store is run by a Board of Directors, there is 1 full time and 2 part time staff and the many volunteers which I call “Champions” who have committed much of their time and energy to keep things running smoothly.

The purpose of the proceeds that this store generates is to support 2 local christian schools, that being Covenant Christian School in Smithville and John Knox Christian School in Stony Creek. These schools are directed by the NACE organization. (you can click on the names of the schools they are linked directly to their websites)

We receive donations of gently used materials of everything from building materials to tools, lighting, wood, and much much more!

We then process. By this I mean we look it over, check each item over for resale value, repair, clean or package the items and display them in the store for a fraction of the price of what you would buy them new.

If you are downsizing or simply want to purge some of your “treasures”  we would love to take them off your hands and be sure they are put to good use! You can click here for a list of donations that we accept.

We have a really creative group of people here that love to share ideas of re purposing many of the items that come in. We have lots of artistic folks that create some amazing things with some of the materials that are purchased from our store. Check out our “Inspiration Station” in our store as well as online here which showcases some of the great things you can do with some creativity and often a little paint!!

Our volunteers are a group blessed with a wealth of knowledge and can often be very helpful in many a questions asked. Our volunteers consist of many a retired tradesman as well as many women with many different skills. We also have a few students that help us out and love to learn from the wisdom that they are surrounded by when they are here. It is awesome to see the interaction and the team effort of the volunteers on a daily basis.

The intent of this blog is to share some of these stories with you as well as share some of the fantastic stories of the faithful volunteers.

One of the other goals is to be inspiring! We want to share some before and after pics of some of our projects as well as many a project that our customers have shared with us. What we have learned is that the only limit you have is your imagination! As much as we are inspiring those around us in this community we have experienced so much inspiration from our customers and supporters of this store!

We are located in the heart of wine country in Niagara. Surrounded by such beautiful landscape here in Beamsville. We are located at 5108 King street which is the official “Niagara Wine Route”

So when you are out and about checking out all the wonderful things that Niagara has to offer be sure and stop by our store of treasures!

Or come and visit the store in person, you will be glad you did.

5108 King St. Beamsville, On, (corner of King St. and Stadelbauer)

For more information click here to go to our NACE – New Again Store Facebook Page

Looking forward to sharing

Manager of NACE – New Again Store